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The Newark CEDC is the driving force in Newark for development. The corporation has a CFO in Kevin Seawright who has a track record for performing well in public service positions, and the city of Newark is in need of new developments that will help bring the city back to life. People in Newark have been looking for new developments outside the airport, and the school system has been in the news because of a gift from a major social media company. This article explains how Kevin Seawright and the CEDC will help bring Newark back.

#1: Development Works

The city of Newark is rebuilding from scratch after falling to the bottom of the barrel over the last 30 years. The city is one of the most dangerous in the country, and its school system has been the subject of public scorn. Development helps bring new jobs and money to different parts of a city that has been struggling for years. New developments are lined up by the CEDC, and those developments create jobs for building, retail, commercial spaces and living spaces.

#2: Low Cost Housing

Low cost housing is needed in Newark, and new housing projects can be built with retail or commercial areas nearby that provide jobs for everyone who is on public assistance. The face of public assistance will change because many of these residents will have jobs, and the area will grow as young families move into the area. Filling the area with people who are working helps turn neighborhoods around quickly.

#3: What Does Kevin Do?

Kevin Seawright began his distinguished career in public service in Baltimore. He created a new accounting system for the city that saved over $100,000 a year, and he worked with the aged, school system and transit departments to make them all more efficient. Kevin is known for trimming costs, and he was brought to the Newark CEDC to help save as much money as possible.

#4: Newark Has Little To Go On

The Newark CEDC has little money to invest to begin making projects that will stand the test of time, and Kevin was brought in as the CFO to ensure that the CEDC was spending its money. On Twitter Kevin has said he is overseeing construction projects, sales of retail space and the placement of individual buildings. Kevin has been made responsible for placing new developments around Newark that will cut crime, create jobs and change the city.

Newark, New Jersey has been in dire need of help for many years, and the city is finally rebounding with help from the CEDC and Kevin Seawright. Kevin is a genius financier with a proven pedigree, who understands how to save money while building the future of the city of Newark.

November 20th, 2015

Posted In: Corporate Progress