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Eucatex Group, began as a panel factory based in Salto in 1954. It is owned by parent company Maluf and headed by Flavio Maluf, a business man from Brazil. Maluf began his career with Eucatex in 1987 and offered the company much in he way of growth.

He’s said before on Facebook that Maluf began with Eucatex in the trade section but was soon moved to the industrial section until 1996. By 1997 he was promoted to president of Eucatex Group. His main goal is to focus on launching new products for the companies many clients. An avid music lover, Maluf is also interested in helping the environment, and continues to push Eucatex forward in that regard.

The company was centered around lining and insulation that is created from eucalyptus wood. The company quickly took off and today has blossomed into a company that supplies industrial construction materials, furniture, packaging, doors and plates.

Eucatex operates three separate factories in Salto. Each factory is aimed at a different material, plates, paint and varnishes. Botucatu houses the factories that manufacture flooring and panels. To run a more effective business, Eucatex also owns its own Forestry unit that has a seedling nursery.

In 2010 Eucatex announced a new plant that they would be opening in Salto Count that would produce think high density fiberboard and medium density fiberboard. A video detailed how the plant would operate.

Eucatex is known for its sustainability. It has been recognized as having the best practices of sustainable development and holds many international ISO certification as well as the Green Seal that was awarded to the company by the Forest Stewardship Council. Eucatex was also responsible for introducing the first industrial sized wood recycling line in South America. They currently recycle pallets, pieces of wood, building rubble and building parts. They currently process around twenty tons per quarter. Their goal is to end the tons of wood that have been ending up in public landfills and to also preserve up to one million trees per year in their reforestation acts, as well as saving up to fifteen million liters of water. All the chips that are left from the recycling are used to generate energy or in some of the production process. Eucatex has gained a reputation for the efforts they have taken to ensure the forestry resources. They respect both the forest and believe in the conservation of the natural ecosystem.

Eucatex has also become more notable due to Eucafix being the new set for the TV Gazeta program.

November 2nd, 2015

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