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Writing his first book at the young age of fifteen, forty-five year old author Jaime Garcia Dias has been a relevant voice in Brazilian literature for the past thirty years. He has written and published twenty books to date and won several prestigious literary awards. His early inspiration, and guidance, came from his father, Brazilian author Arnoldo Dias and it can easily be argued that he has quite successfully carried on the family “business.”

He has also had a profound impact in the field of literary education in Brazil. He attended the University of Rio de Janeiro and then, upon completion of his education, accepted a teaching position at the Carioca Literature Academy. His teaching style was innovative and utilized an informal style of literary courses to educate his students. His influence at the Academy elevated it to the status of one of the most sought after schools for Brazilian literary students pursuing careers as authors. It is no surprise that, because of this achievement, he was first elected as the school’s Vice President and later its President. The Carioca Literature Academy continues to serve the talents of up and coming literary and journalistic writers of Brazil.

Beyond his invaluable contributions to the education of future writers, Dias has won several awards for his own literary works. The first of these awards, the White Crane award, came in 2001. This award is coveted among new writers, as it gains them exposure and recognition. Dias can likely credit this award with much of his literary success throughout South America. Most recently he received the ABC Award of Brazil for his contributions to Brazilian literature and culture.

Dias continues to write and publish literary pieces on his WordPress blog, his most recent being a series in the Jornal do Brazil featuring a collection of stories about his childhood. The stories, focusing on him and his father, earned him an invitation to write a weekly column for the Jornal. He also writes, in a more journalistic style, about topics such as travel and culture on his personal web page. It is no secret that Brazil has produced many of the World’s great literary talents, and due in part to the contributions of Jaime Garcia Dias, it will continue to do so.

October 19th, 2015

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