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The Newark CEDC is the driving force in Newark for development. The corporation has a CFO in Kevin Seawright who has a track record for performing well in public service positions, and the city of Newark is in need of new developments that will help bring the city back to life. People in Newark have been looking for new developments outside the airport, and the school system has been in the news because of a gift from a major social media company. This article explains how Kevin Seawright and the CEDC will help bring Newark back.

#1: Development Works

The city of Newark is rebuilding from scratch after falling to the bottom of the barrel over the last 30 years. The city is one of the most dangerous in the country, and its school system has been the subject of public scorn. Development helps bring new jobs and money to different parts of a city that has been struggling for years. New developments are lined up by the CEDC, and those developments create jobs for building, retail, commercial spaces and living spaces.

#2: Low Cost Housing

Low cost housing is needed in Newark, and new housing projects can be built with retail or commercial areas nearby that provide jobs for everyone who is on public assistance. The face of public assistance will change because many of these residents will have jobs, and the area will grow as young families move into the area. Filling the area with people who are working helps turn neighborhoods around quickly.

#3: What Does Kevin Do?

Kevin Seawright began his distinguished career in public service in Baltimore. He created a new accounting system for the city that saved over $100,000 a year, and he worked with the aged, school system and transit departments to make them all more efficient. Kevin is known for trimming costs, and he was brought to the Newark CEDC to help save as much money as possible.

#4: Newark Has Little To Go On

The Newark CEDC has little money to invest to begin making projects that will stand the test of time, and Kevin was brought in as the CFO to ensure that the CEDC was spending its money. On Twitter Kevin has said he is overseeing construction projects, sales of retail space and the placement of individual buildings. Kevin has been made responsible for placing new developments around Newark that will cut crime, create jobs and change the city.

Newark, New Jersey has been in dire need of help for many years, and the city is finally rebounding with help from the CEDC and Kevin Seawright. Kevin is a genius financier with a proven pedigree, who understands how to save money while building the future of the city of Newark.

November 20th, 2015

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Eucatex Group, began as a panel factory based in Salto in 1954. It is owned by parent company Maluf and headed by Flavio Maluf, a business man from Brazil. Maluf began his career with Eucatex in 1987 and offered the company much in he way of growth.

He’s said before on Facebook that Maluf began with Eucatex in the trade section but was soon moved to the industrial section until 1996. By 1997 he was promoted to president of Eucatex Group. His main goal is to focus on launching new products for the companies many clients. An avid music lover, Maluf is also interested in helping the environment, and continues to push Eucatex forward in that regard.

The company was centered around lining and insulation that is created from eucalyptus wood. The company quickly took off and today has blossomed into a company that supplies industrial construction materials, furniture, packaging, doors and plates.

Eucatex operates three separate factories in Salto. Each factory is aimed at a different material, plates, paint and varnishes. Botucatu houses the factories that manufacture flooring and panels. To run a more effective business, Eucatex also owns its own Forestry unit that has a seedling nursery.

In 2010 Eucatex announced a new plant that they would be opening in Salto Count that would produce think high density fiberboard and medium density fiberboard. A video detailed how the plant would operate.

Eucatex is known for its sustainability. It has been recognized as having the best practices of sustainable development and holds many international ISO certification as well as the Green Seal that was awarded to the company by the Forest Stewardship Council. Eucatex was also responsible for introducing the first industrial sized wood recycling line in South America. They currently recycle pallets, pieces of wood, building rubble and building parts. They currently process around twenty tons per quarter. Their goal is to end the tons of wood that have been ending up in public landfills and to also preserve up to one million trees per year in their reforestation acts, as well as saving up to fifteen million liters of water. All the chips that are left from the recycling are used to generate energy or in some of the production process. Eucatex has gained a reputation for the efforts they have taken to ensure the forestry resources. They respect both the forest and believe in the conservation of the natural ecosystem.

Eucatex has also become more notable due to Eucafix being the new set for the TV Gazeta program.

November 2nd, 2015

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North American Spine has expanded to offering its services in Los Angeles. Partnering with Dr. Satish Sarma, North American Spine that is also the only provider of the well known AccuraScope procedure will start by having patients treated at the Red Rock Surgery Center. Dr. Satish will also be responsible for seeing patients for all post-op cases. According to PR Newswire, the opportunity to expand to Los Angeles is an exciting venture and combined with Dr. Satish’s skills and many years experience, the new partnership will no doubt provide the much needed treatment to patients in the region.

Dr. Sharma joins the North American Spine team with a wealth of experience. He is a specialist in Anesthesiology and Pain Management and is an American Board of Anesthesiology diplomat. He is at all times adequately prepared to offer management and treatment plans for patients suffering from severe pain that may be as a result of different complications or disorders.

He started his education in Rajasthan, India and also completed his post-doctoral training in the same country and later in the United States. When he arrived in the United States, he did his internship at Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh. Soon after that, he successfully completed a pain management training at Allegheny General Hospital. He has a wealth of experience dealing with pain management cases and has been a pain physician and attending anesthesiologist for many years before joining the Advanced Pain Management Center in the year 2006.

Dr. Sharma was very excited to begin working with North American Spine and expressed hope that together, they would strive to provide patients with the best treatment procedures that are aligned by the best modern equipment. He also said that the partnership was all about providing a modern and affordable approach to all matters pain management in a setting that is comfortable and affordable. He said that they were fully committed to work with patients so as to help them control their pain and get back to regaining full control of their lives.

The North American Spine Center is a well known name when all matters related to offering spine treatment procedures are concerned, and for their integral role in Dallas’ business economy. It is the only provider of the AccuraScope treatment procedure that is a minimally invasive spine surgery that does not last more than forty-five minutes. The surgery is used to treat back pain that is chronic and up to now, not less than 8000 surgeries have been performed by physicians who have specialized training. According to medical research, the procedure has a success rate of 82% and it has been proven to save patients a lot of money. The company has specialized spine experts who have specialized training in neurosurgery, pain management and orthopedic spine surgery.

October 26th, 2015

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Writing his first book at the young age of fifteen, forty-five year old author Jaime Garcia Dias has been a relevant voice in Brazilian literature for the past thirty years. He has written and published twenty books to date and won several prestigious literary awards. His early inspiration, and guidance, came from his father, Brazilian author Arnoldo Dias and it can easily be argued that he has quite successfully carried on the family “business.”

He has also had a profound impact in the field of literary education in Brazil. He attended the University of Rio de Janeiro and then, upon completion of his education, accepted a teaching position at the Carioca Literature Academy. His teaching style was innovative and utilized an informal style of literary courses to educate his students. His influence at the Academy elevated it to the status of one of the most sought after schools for Brazilian literary students pursuing careers as authors. It is no surprise that, because of this achievement, he was first elected as the school’s Vice President and later its President. The Carioca Literature Academy continues to serve the talents of up and coming literary and journalistic writers of Brazil.

Beyond his invaluable contributions to the education of future writers, Dias has won several awards for his own literary works. The first of these awards, the White Crane award, came in 2001. This award is coveted among new writers, as it gains them exposure and recognition. Dias can likely credit this award with much of his literary success throughout South America. Most recently he received the ABC Award of Brazil for his contributions to Brazilian literature and culture.

Dias continues to write and publish literary pieces on his WordPress blog, his most recent being a series in the Jornal do Brazil featuring a collection of stories about his childhood. The stories, focusing on him and his father, earned him an invitation to write a weekly column for the Jornal. He also writes, in a more journalistic style, about topics such as travel and culture on his personal web page. It is no secret that Brazil has produced many of the World’s great literary talents, and due in part to the contributions of Jaime Garcia Dias, it will continue to do so.

October 19th, 2015

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